Practical information

In order to provide a pleasant stay for all guests, we have listed the general terms and conditions below:

Practical information
- Wi-Fi. Network: Hoeve Twente Gasten. Password: welkom@twente.
- Bed linen and towels need to be removed and collected upon departure and can be placed on the bed.
- The coffee machine is a cup machine. Only aluminum cups are allowed.
o Step 1: press 1 of the buttons on top to switch on the device (both lights will flash for a while).
o Step 2: Check if there is enough water in the container at the back of the machine.
o Step 3: raise the handle - insert the cup – lower the handle again.
o Step 4: when the flashing stops, press the desired button on top of the machine to start: small or large (most commonly used).
- Garbage should be separated, when the trashcan is full, it can be emptied in the conatainers next to the reception of the camper site.
- The chalet needs to be delivered broom clean, further cleaning costs are included.

House regulations
- Smoking inside the chalet is not allowed.
- The use of narcotics/drugs is not allowed on location.
- From 9PM, music boxes are no longer allowed and from 10PM we expect complete silence. Please respect the environment and other guests.
- Wi-Fi Network may only be used if the conditions have been read (see website).
- Tea lights are allowed in the intended tea light holders. No other type of candles are allowed.
- Lighting fires is not allowed. This can be done at the camper site in the fire pit.
- Pets are not allowed on furniture and in bedrooms. Please use a bench when you are absent and at night.
- Pets must be walked in the forest.
- When violating one of the above rules, the owner can decide to have all guests leave the accommodation immediately.